North Phoenix Chiropractic Office was established in 1948.  The current location was built in 1948 as a home/office by Dr. Henry D. Esch, who graduated from Palmer Chiropractic School in 1922.  Dr. Henry moved from Pigeon Michigan with his family to Phoenix for the warmer weather and started practicing chiropractic at 8112 N. 7th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.  Much of this surrounding area was covered with orange groves in the 1940's and one of the orange trees from that time period still stands on the property.

Dr. Henry Esch's daughter, Dr. Lelia Esch Schlabach attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and began practicing with her father at the Phoenix location in 1967, along with her husband Dr. Abe Schlabach.  Dr. Henry Esch retired in 1975, after which doctors Abe and Lelia worked in and managed the Chiropractic office for many years.  Many new Doctors of Chiropractic started out working in this office and shared the space to build their own practices during the 1970's, 80's and 90's.  Dr. R. Jacob Hoerr interned at North Phoenix Chiropractic and joined the office sharing group in 1995.  In 1996 Dr. Abe Schlabach passed away from illness.  Dr. Lelia continued to work at and manage North Phoenix Chiropractic Office until she retired early in 2018.  She still owns and manages the facility, but is no longer treating patients.

Currently North Phoenix Chiropractic Office operates as an office sharing situation in which two Chiropractors are actively treating patients.  Dr. R. Jacob Hoerr and Dr. Philip Yoder are treating patients at North Phoenix Chiropractic continuing  the legacy of "Caring for Families for over 70 Years"!